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Our personal trainers can help you in the comfort of your own home (we bring all necessary equipment) or you can come to one of our private fitness centers. All of our trainers are very good, but if you are not thrilled, you don't pay - and we'll send another trainer for you to try. It's important to work with someone you really like.

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There are many books and programs and videos out there on how to get in shape fast. We've read thousands over the years. Some were great, some were pure bunk. After trying them on thousands of clients, including ourselves, we know what works, and what doesn't. Our method can be distilled into three essential elements:

  1. Resistance Exercise, whole body routine, three times per week.
  2. Cardiovascular Exercise, using specialized high-intensity intervals.
  3. Eat Right, most of the time.

We will have a lot more to say about each of these things, but we promise you, if you stick to these basics, you will get the maximum results in the least possible time.

We have seen many people many people start exercise and nutrition programs. Many fail. A few succeed. There are two major differences between the two: INTENSITY and CONSISTENCY.

Intensity - If you are not prepared to work hard, please don't call us. You will be wasting your time and ours. We won't expect you to lift more than you can lift, but we will ask you to try hard. For some people, that means 100 pounds, for others it means only five pounds.

Consistency - If you are not ready to put in the necessary time, don't bother. If you start cancelling appointments and missing workouts, you will get nowhere quick.

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